Apart from treatment for any illness it is also important to prevent the illness, promote our existing health and maintain our wellbeing.

“Medicus vitalis “is derived from two words “Medicus”in Latin means “Physician” and “Vitalis” in Latin means “Life Energy”. There is a concept in Homeopathy “Vital force” and in Ayurveda “Praná”. This Vital force or life Energy or Prana is the one which enables all living things to self-heal or to preserve life by adapting to environmental changes. This is the force which is responsible for biophysical and biochemical processes in the body and it separated living things from non-living things.

And all illness is due to disruption of this vital force. So the Medicus Vitalis is all about our life energy and its management in its healthy and diseased state.

We as “Medicus Vitalis” are primarily concentrating guiding on well-being of our life energy, improving its status, preventing its disruption and enlightening on approaches to heal it which are available in popular systems of Medicine.




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